LP103. Summer Sun Hat

It's almost summer, time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine! The sun where we are is very bright, so I kept borrowing my husband's duck hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. When I saw a pattern on the Lion Brand website for a knitted hat with a hoop sewn in, I decided to adapt it for the loom. We Loomatics are so lucky that brims are the easiest thing in the world to create, even an absolute beginner can knit this hat within a few hours!

  • Any light to medium cotton yarn
  • Knifty Knitter yellow round loom
  • Duct tape
  • 32-34" (82-86cm) heavy gauge wire (a wire coat hanger works well) or craft wire

Hoop instructions:
  1. Using pliers, form the wire into a circle, overlapping ends by about 1" (2.5 cm)
  2. Wrap the wire ends with duct tape to secure

Knitting Instructions:
  1. Cast on and e-wrap round
  2. Optional: from the second row, knit using two strands for the duration of the brim to hide the wire.
  3. When the brim is long enough to extend underneath the loom even when folded double, create the brim, folding in the wire and hiding it inside the brim.
  4. Continue knitting in the round until your hat has the desired height.
  5. Bind off using the gathered method.
  6. Shape the hat by weaving a ribbon or band around the "head" part.


  1. Great instructions for working in the wire rim but how do you make the rest of the hat? how can I make say a 4" brim then shrink down the opening that sits on the top of the head???

  2. So glad I found this really adorable hat. I am going to make this. Thanks for this video and making it so easy to follow. Have a nice day.


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