LK304. The Stockinette Stitch

The online definition of the stockinette stitch is 'a basic knitting pattern where the first row is knit and the second row is purled. These two rows are repeated to make the pattern. The "front" side of the fabric will look like a series of Vs, while the "back" looks like a bunch of bumpy ridges. An alternative is reverse stockinette stitch, where the first row is purled and the second is knitted. When working in this way, the purl side is meant to be the front.'

On the loom, the stockinette stitch is created by knitting each row. The reverse stockinette stitch is created by purling each row.

The e-wrap method is called the twisted stockinette stitch in needle knitting (not 'inverted' as I said in the movie below, sorry).

The stockinette stitch has a tendency to curl at the edges, which makes a nice finished edge for some projects like a sweater or hat, but can be annoying in other uses. It is the most seen stitch in clothing, from bulky material sweaters to machine knit t-shirts and underwear.