LK505. Chain Bind Off (Crochet Method)

This bind off method will create a pretty edge that will look similar to the chain cast on method. It is the most common method to to bind off along a straight edge - the top of a scarf; the neck of a sweater, etc.

Pick up the first loop and bring over the crochet hook, then add the second loop and bring that over the crochet hook as well.
Lay the working yarn on top of the crochet hook and bring it through both loops on the hook.
Then take the loop off the next peg, and place that on the crochet hook.
Again, bring the working yarn through both loop on the hook.
Continue until all pegs are empty, then cut the yarn and pull the end through the final loop, tighten the loop.

Note: the chain bind off method using the knitting tool will be covered in another tutorial.


  1. Very well done and easy to understand. Thanks!

  2. Your explanation was very easy. Good job. Thank you.


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