LK101. Welcome to Loom Knitters Loomatics!

Welcome, Loomatics! We love to knit without needles. It is amazing how versatile loom knitting is... keep an eye on this blog, soon it will be filled with stitches, patterns, ideas and more! And yes, you will learn how to create a hat :)

Please be patient as I am still playing with the bubble wrap around this place, I have not decided on a layout yet.

Big disclaimer: I shall try to mention the source of patterns, ideas and information to the best of my abilities, but I can't guarantee that I will always succeed. If anything gets published that belongs to you, I shall either remove it or mention you as the source.

Thanks and once again a warm welcome! Want more information about me and why I started this site?


  1. Dear Sophia! Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorials and patience in teaching. Have you try to loom knit with a Serenity Loom for Afghans. There are no videos from the beginning to end.. Would love to see you using an S Loom... :-) Marina. M


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