LP102. The Simplest Slippers

These super simple slippers are an ideal beginner's project. They are knit from heel to toe and in one piece. There are no fancy techniques in this pattern, so it is perfect to create in front of the TV in a single evening, and they make a great gift!

  • Use a sturdy, bulky yarn, or any worsted yarn using 2 strands all the way through
  • Knifty Knitter blue round loom
  • Knitting tool/pick
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Optional: ribbon or contrasting yarn


Rows 1 – 2
Cast on using the e-wrap method and e-wrap knit two rows in the round.

Rows 3 – 14*
E-wrap and knit as a flat panel (While knitting do not connect rows. Knit 24 pegs and reverse direction)

Row 15-24*
E-wrap and knit the rest of the rows in the round until your slipper has the correct size.

*Adjust according to yarn used and foot size

Bind off using the gathered method.
Sew up the heel.
Optional: weave or crochet a pretty edge or ribbon around the top of each slipper for a tie.


  1. Do you know what loom she is using? It says the blue kniffty knitter, but that one, as well as the small green Boye loom, has around 24 pegs, but the one she is using looks like it has about 18??

  2. Does anyone know what type of yarn she used for these slippers?

  3. I think about 16 to 18

  4. I see in your instructions you say to use the knifty knitter blue loom,l but in your video aren't using a smaller loom? Which loom is it in your video? Thanks!

  5. Love this pattern!

  6. how do I make a pair for grownups need to know how to make larger

  7. Hi, quick question for you! What size slippers did you get from this pattern, as written? Approximate shoe size or length, either will help me! Thank you!

  8. Where did you get your loom and where did you get the yarn?

  9. where did you get the loom

  10. I made a pair of these and they turned out to be too big. My own fault though. No worries because I now use them as a pair of boot liners in a pair of boots that rub my ankles.

  11. This is very helpful. Thanks

  12. Hello, I don't have one of the round looms, can I instead use a 26 peg long loom? The ones normally used to weave?

  13. How many pegs does the KK blue loom have?


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