LK501How to Create a Brim

Creating a brim is one of the most fun techniques of loomknitting. It gives your hat a lovely finished look, and is ever so easy to create. The brim will be half as long as your knitting to this point and will be a double thickness of knitting, so knit a tube twice the length you want your brim to be.

Reach inside the loom and bring the very first row of knitting up, which folds up your brim. If you cast on using the e-wrap, the loops should be plainly visible. Pick up a loop and place it over the peg. Repeat for all the stitches.

Use the hook to pull the bottom loop up over the top strand. Repeat for all pegs. After forming the brim, continue knitting the rest of the hat.

Tip: if you did not weave in the tail of the yarn yet (from when you cast on), this is a perfect opportunity to hide it inside the brim!