LK502. Changing Colors (Rows)

To change colors every few rows, drop the color you are using to the inside of your loom. Place the new color on your loom using a slip knit and knit around. Twist the two colors each second row, to prevent long strands across the back of each stripe. Change back to the original color by dropping the second color to the inside of your loom, pick up the original color from underneath the strand and knit around.

Other (more conventional) methods of changing colors, patterns or yarn will be discussed later!


  1. Thank you, yours is the easiest explaination I have seen so far

  2. Thank you for making that so simple, have watched another video and it was not this easy.Glad I found this video!

  3. Thank you. That makes it so much easier to understand. I am making my dad a hat that requires you to change colors. I was certain that I would mess it up. Now I feel confident that I can do it. Thank you!


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