LK504. Bind Off Gathered Round

Before we go into our first real project, we'll cover one more technique: how to finish your work. The method we'll cover here is the gathered bind off, which as its name suggests, creates a gathered finish.

Wind the yarn around the loom twice to make sure you leave a long enough tail, then cut it. Thread a yarn needle with the yarn end. Insert the needle behind the last peg, and lift it off the peg, sliding it onto the yarn end. Repeat for each loop around the loom.
With the yarn end to the wrong side of the project, pull the end lightly and gently, gathering the loops to the center. Knot the yarn tightly and weave in the end, then clip the end as close as you can.


  1. Thank you SO much! I lost my instructions for my circular loom knitting & I am ready to bind off my first hat ... This nice & slow video is absolutely perfect!!! You are a wonderful teacher & my Mum thanks you, the hat is for her birthday. Thanks again!


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