LK101. Welcome to Loom Knitters Loomatics!

Welcome, Loomatics! We love to knit without needles. It is amazing how versatile loom knitting is... keep an eye on this blog, soon it will be filled with stitches, patterns, ideas and more! And yes, you will learn how to create a hat :)

Welcome Loomatics!

LK102. Join Our Looming Community!

LK201. How to Make a Slip Knot

LK202. Securing the Yarn on the Holding Peg

LK203. E-Wrap Cast On and Stitch (Round)

LK301. The Knit Stitch

LK302. The Purl Stitch

LK303. The Garter Stitch

LK304. The Stockinette Stitch

LK305. The Rib Stitch (Ribbing)

LK401. The Seed Stitch

LK501How to Create a Brim

LK502. Changing Colors (Rows)

LK503. Knitting a Flat Panel (E-wrap)

LK504. Bind Off Gathered Round

LK505. Chain Bind Off (Crochet Method)

LK506. Chain Bind Off (Knit Method)

LK507. Decreasing Stitches

LK601 Chain Cast On

LP101. Your First Hat

LP102. The Simplest Slippers

LP103. Summer Sun Hat

LP201. Grandma's Dish Cloth